Creating A Coalition

by Carbon Copy

This is part of our Unlocking Local Action series of events.

Community is the lens so often left out of the environmental discussion, but it’s vital in implementing lasting solutions. Rather than conceiving a “master” climate action plan at arm’s length, people in many areas are co-creating local plans and low-carbon initiatives. In this series of short talks, we hear from guest speakers about how they engage the broader community in their work and compare and contrast the different ways of bringing more people together.

In this interactive session with Stine Wilhelmsen, Senior Creative Partner, Hubbub, we hear the example of an exciting new collaborative initiative in Manchester. Stine highlights the impact of working together as a coalition to engage the wider community in issues around climate change and the environment, and answers questions on measuring impact, involving harder-to-reach groups, and rolling out similar initiatives in other parts of the country.

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