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Purchase and installation of a microturbine, electric battery storage and heat capture technology to significantly reduce the college's energy costs at its 12 Quays Campus.

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Wirral Met College's story

The innovative low carbon micro-turbine hybrid energy centre at the Twelve Quays Campus was funded with £440,000 from the Local Growth Fund, devolved as Skills Capital to Liverpool City Region Combined Authority.

Wirral Met College was named the winner of the Carbon Champion Award at Liverpool Echo Environment Awards for creating an innovative, low carbon 'Micro-turbine Hybrid Energy Centre' at its Twelve Quays Campus.

Highly efficient gas powered micro turbines now produce 80% of the campus' electrical demand, minimising the need for electrical power from the grid.

The system uses phase-change thermal mass blocks with the turbines' heat output to provide domestic hot water and heating for the entire campus. Electrical storage batteries further reduce the campus' energy demand by smoothing the electrical energy curve, reducing peak demand.

Carbon output is reduced by 200 tonnes per year and energy costs are predicted to reduce by £80,000 per year.

This is the first time anywhere in the world where this combination of technologies has been employed and has already exceeded expectations.

Useful learnings from Wirral Met College

Diversification and sustainability are key. The centre brings together a number of key technology disciplines embracing specialist, industry-standard equipment. It also enables students to develop their skills for a wide range of careers.

One of the tenets of our approach to education is that students should practice doing as well as reading. By making learning hands-on, students' understanding of technical concepts becomes three-dimensional and memorable. Having students produce the campus' greenhouse emission inventory from the incoming supply data, can manifest into a manageable project that will advance campus sustainability.

To maximise student learning and the value of these projects to the college, staff and faculty at MET are committed to coaching and assisting students in every step of their learning journey.

Wirral Met College's metrics

Reduction in carbon output (200 tonnes per year).
Reduction in energy costs (£80,000 per year).

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