Transforming Horticultural Waste

Public Sector • East Riding of Yorkshire

Transforming pea production bi-products into a commercialisation opportunity, reduce waste and provide a sustainable solution.

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  • 00 tonnes of peas are grown annually.

Aura Innovation Centre's story

The Transforming Waste project, funded by ERDF, involved Aura, led by the University of Hull, working with local business M. Meadley & Sons to lower carbon, enhance their business returns and provide sustainable solutions for the region.

Composting releases both carbon dioxide and methane, both greenhouse gases. Currently there are no alternative uses for the pea pods, leaves or stems. There was a need to explore high-value uses for the pea waste and commercialisation opportunities.

Our challenge was to explore high value uses for the pea waste, finding viable commercialisation opportunities and reduce greenhouse gases created by waste organic matter.

By working together with M. Meadley & Sons, our Innovation Managers secured funded support from our University academics to explore the chemical composition of vine garden pea waste and its suitability to produce bioethanol and carbonaceous materials.

Useful learnings from Aura Innovation Centre

Waste products don't have to be valueless or a disposal burden. By re-evaluating unused or unnecessary products within your own industry or processes, you could identify a use or a new market for them that has potential to generate an income as well as benefit the environment. You may be surprised by how many business opportunities are presented.

By working with innovation accelerators like the Aura Innovation Centre, businesses are able to access a range of knowledge and expertise they might otherwise struggle to find or come through costly consultancy.

Aura Innovation Centre's metrics

Amount of carbon savings.

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Public Sector, 250 to 10,000 people

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Updated Feb, 2024

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