The Back Garden

Growing local food and connecting with nature in the heart of Glasgow.

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The Back Garden
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Our story

The Back Garden is a flourishing community garden in the heart of Glasgow. We grow fruit vegetables and more for the community to eat, as well as being a space for people to enjoy and escape the city.

We share information and skills about food growing, such as companion planting and making recycled plant pots from egg boxes or cartons.

As well as growing a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, we look after local wildlife. Some of the garden's biodiversity-friendly features include a pond, bird table, bird houses, bird feeders, solitary bee house, ladybird feeder, bug hotel, and lots of different flowers and bulbs for pollinators.

We partner with local schools so that pupils can come and sow seeds and fertilise plants. It provides an opportunity for children learn about growing food and looking after nature. We've even had festive singing and other events with local schools!

We are funded by a range of sources, including an area partnership grant which bought us new solar lighting and a shredder to help us compost.

There's lots to be done by our members:
Digging, fertilising and raking the raised beds
Cutting back the herbs
Pruning fruit trees and bushes
Clearing out the polytunnels and shed
Topping up the bird feeder
Purchasing new seeds

We get the work done in our own time, or at planting days and similar where everyone gets together for specific tasks.

Our advice

Spring is a busy time, and we need more hands on deck to get things rolling for the year ahead. Lots of garden users help out in their own time, but it's good to organise days where we can come together to get a job done.

Inviting the community makes the garden more welcoming and friendly for all – we've had children from local schools come to plant seeds, held carol singing at the garden and more.

Our metrics

All produce harvest is weighed/recorded, its shared between members. Last years produce was the most it had ever been at 462.18 kg for 2020, 2019 was 231.43 kg.

We have around 30 members, plus visitors and guests.
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