Ten Stories About Food Waste

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Raising awareness of the environmental impact of food waste and how to stop it, through film and food waste reduction tools.

Our story

As part of the Re[ACT] Festival organised by Linen Quarter BID in Belfast, the Recycling Outreach Team at Belfast City Council hosted a screening of the film 'Ten Stories About Food Waste' by the Electrolux Group, with a speaker afterwards and a free pack for all attendees.

We recognised that there is a need for raising awareness of the environmental problems associated with the food and agriculture industry: food waste is a problem everywhere, including our own city of Belfast, and we wanted to show people the extent of the problem and why it is important to reduce food waste and recycle it.

With this documentary, Electrolux brings together key food experts to discuss present and future sustainable food choices. Consisting of ten chapters, the documentary has been created to inspire sustainable cooking and eating. To give you a flavour of the topics covered, these are the titles of the ten stories:
1. A rotten system
2. Wasteland
3. A return to our roots
4. Goodbye menu
5. Feed from your freezer
6. Food fit for you
7. Bycatch
8. Tech to the rescue
9. My problem, your problem
10. Hopes and dreams

Our advice

Mini documentaries are an impactful way to look at the environmental and social injustices caused by the global food industry and how we play a part in this food chain.

Food is something that we all need, use and waste, and it is quite often ignored when it comes to global environmental damage and, in particular, greenhouse gas emissions associated with climate change.

Following up with everyone who attended the documentary, by providing free food waste reducing tools and a family recipe book designed to reduce food waste, is a great way to help people with practical suggestions for what they could do next.

Our metrics

Number of people who attended.
Take up of food waste reduction measures.

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Updated Feb, 2024

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