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Founded by the charity Sustainable Wales, SUSSED provides a hub for community engagement; for purchasing ethical goods; and for responding locally to the ecological and climate emergency.

  • Our high street community cooperative.
  • Refills station at SUSSED.
  • Ethical fashion section.

Our story

SUSSED is a cooperative, we are a progressive, independent, not-for-profit, community membership company. Our aims are to help shoppers respond to the ecological and climate emergency, trade justice, and purchase ethical goods. Founded in 2006 by the charity, Sustainable Wales, as a high street presence embodying the ideas and goals of sustainable living.

The kinds of goods on sale – local, green, upcycled, recycled, plastic free and fairly traded, are selected because they are people and planet-friendly and are a challenge to corporate power via the power of the purse. We also have an event space at SUSSED where (in normal times) we run cultural events, performances, debates, pop-up Fairtrade Cafés, and cookery classes. The space is available to local groups for meetings.

We also support the charity, Sustainable Wales, our sister organisation with general office and administration costs. The relationship is symbiotic. Both organisations believing that solutions to the unsustainable way society has developed need grassroot, citizen responses at all political levels. Information, campaigning, lobbying, practical projects and retail activism are needed to make a real change.

The aims are to support the sustainable development agenda, acting locally, thinking globally – providing a community 'hub' of good practice and participation.

Our partners include BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations), Fairtrade Wales and WCVA (Wales Council for Voluntary Action).

Our advice

Providing real world experiences, services and products on the high street makes getting the message across easier to the public than trying to explain theories.

Our metrics

We are volunteer run and monitor our number of great volunteers.
Our sales provide a direct track of our success.

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