Splo-Down Community Food Group

Coming together as a community to meet our food needs collectively.

Our story

The Splo-Down collective was started by an autonomous group of neighbours in Splott, Adamsdown and Tremorfa. We're a food coop that purchases and distributes food, and our members share or trade their own home-grown produce. We're a social bunch and we get together for drinks (hot or cold!) too.

As well as being eco-friendly, we have an ethic of solidarity, as opposed to charity. Working together makes our communities stronger, and everyone should have access to food.

Our solidarity veg boxes are available to anyone who might be struggling to pay for food, and for those who can afford it we take “pay it forward” donations so we can make food available to everyone who needs it in our community.

Buying in bulk is often better for the planet as it reduces the amount of packaging, and negates the need for lots of individual deliveries.

By pre-ordering locally sourced veg boxes we keep the amount we need clear, which is helpful to avoid waste.

Our advice

A local group of people CAN make it happen. We started out as a group of neighbours wanting to make a difference.

Our ethic of solidarity is crucial for overcoming environmental challenges, as well as community ones. By working to help people around us we make Cardiff a fairer city, but we're also saving waste and preventing overconsumption.

Pre-ordering is a great way to reduce waste. We use less packaging, carbon from travel and logistics by ordering in advance.

Our metrics

The number of people who get involved with Splo-Down's action
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