Renew Hub

SUEZ is committed to delivering an extensive social value plan to create value from Greater Manchester's waste. The Renew Hub will bring a unique space with repair pods, training opportunities, and a space for communities to use benefiting all.

Our story

by SUEZ and Greater Manchester Combined Authority

The single biggest threat to decarbonisation is consumption.

What if as a society we wasted less, reused more, and gave items a second lease of life leading to less manufacturing of new products and a more circular economy? That is what we're bringing on an industrial scale to Greater Manchester.

Already across 15 of the Household Waste Recycling Centres across Greater Manchester, there are donation containers for residents to donate unwanted items rather than putting them to waste. We collect these items, clean and repair them if needed, and sell them at an affordable price in three new 'Renew' shops. All of the money raised goes to good causes within Greater Manchester - a minimum of £100,000 to the GM Mayor's Charity and £220,000 to the R4GM community fund every year which funds community groups projects in their local area focused on reducing waste.

The Hub is our unique factor and brings an unending world of possibilities. Based in Trafford Park, the Hub plays several roles:
- It is the storage area for all of the items for our shops;
- Local charities collect household furniture for those in need;
- Working with like-minded businesses and charities, we will repair and upcycle items within repair pods. These will offer training in green skills and support different community groups;
- Lastly, the Hub will also be a space for community groups and schools, with an open-plan events area to host workshops, visits and meetings.

We already have partnerships in place with like-minded businesses such as Recycling Lives (who support people from prison to learn new skills and reduce re-offending, focused on WEEE products) and Touchwood (who collect and re-purpose redundant wood).

The possibilities are endless and focus around delivering real social, economical and environmental value for Greater Manchester.

This is a partnership between SUEZ, who manage the waste contracts on behalf of Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and the Combined Authority.

Our advice

SUEZ already operate similar reuse shops in other areas of the country, but with the significance of creating social value within the tender for the Greater Manchester waste contract, we were inspired to think bigger. Hence the introduction of a unique concept with the Hub.

There is much interest from around the country within waste around the development of the Hub as it brings lots of opportunities to address consumption and develop innovative but practical solutions around reuse and a more circular economy regarding consumables.

It is yet to fully open but we believe the opportunities are endless and will really contribute to decarbonisation.

Our metrics

Amount of waste diverted into reuse in the first year of operation through our three Renew Shops (600 tonnes).
Number of green jobs created (10).
Amount of money raised (£100,000 for the GM Mayors fund and a minimum of £220,000 for the R4GM Community Fund).
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Inside the Renew Hub at Trafford Park.
The repair pods within the Renew Hub.
One of the three Renew shops in Greater Manchester.