Middlefield Recycling Centre

Middlefield Recycling Centre South Shields is aiming to decarbonise its operations with the help of South Tyneside Council.

South Tyneside.
Photo of proposed location of battery store and associated equipment.
Photo of recycling shed to accommodate equipment.

South Tyneside Council's story

At their Middlefields Recycling Centre, South Tyneside Council (STC) have developed a design for the installation of a purpose-built 160kW 600kWh battery storage facility that will allow peak power to be reduced.

The centre will be able to meet peak demand while reducing energy bills for STC, and can be powered more sustainably in future, by means of a planned 900kW wind turbine plant and Photo Voltaic (PV) solar panels.

The installation will be used for renewable load shifting and peak time charge avoidance (16:00 to 19:30 working days from November through to February). Winter evening site load is approximately 150 to 200kW.

Preliminary modelling of peak time periods suggests 650kWh is an appropriate storage size, based on modular e.g., 100kWh storage units with 4 no. 40kW power conversion systems (inverters).

Also to be provided are 100kWp PV on the new recycling shed and a 900kW wind turbine proposed for storage yard adjacent to Heddon Way units 1 to 4 with an 11kV private wire to new NPG 11kV switch at substation.

Battery Pack orders have been place, and delivery is due mid-December. Orders have also been placed for the Fire-rated container (in case of fire with lithium batteries), including air conditioning, and automatic fire detection system, and are due for delivery early December. Final connections are scheduled for mid-January 2022.

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Useful learnings from South Tyneside Council

The availability of efficient, cost effective battery storage systems of a size that be easily be accommodated on site.

Research for the project was led by STC Asset Management, Energy & Streetlighting Team, with input from consultants, academics, and industry.

STC engaged to the management, staff, and contractors on site, together with industry and community groups to seek the widest possible consensus in delivering the project.

South Tyneside Council's metrics

CEEQUAL assessment rating of Good.
Reduction in carbon emissions.
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