Marlborough Community Fridge

Marlborough Community Fridge is a collaboration between the town council and Transition Marlborough to reduce food waste locally.

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Our story

Marlborough Community Fridge is a collaborative project between Marlborough Town Council and Transition Marlborough (TM). Milly Carmichael of TM approached the Town Council back in the summer of 2020, seeking support with a community initiative to reduce food waste locally. After a couple of discussions and some joined up thinking, the idea of a Community Fridge evolved. A public meeting was held which demonstrated a lot of community support.

Volunteers were rallied and the fridge launched in June 2021. A year down the line and we are still going from strength to strength.....a huge success story which we will continue to build on here in Marlborough, with the support of our amazing volunteers and the local community who visit us each week.

Our advice

Do your research.... we did a lot! Talk to others who have set similar things up and go visit them, ask lots of silly questions! Ask your local community what they think before ploughing ahead, local support is really important. Look after your volunteers! Get feedback.

Our metrics

Every bit of food we receive is weighed in. Every bit of food taken from the fridge is weighed out.... the difference being the amount of food we have saved from going in the bin. Simple! We generate stats each month based these figures. We log all visitors to the fridge and the number of volunteers we have on board.
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