Love Not Landfill

Changing the way young Londoners think about clothes, and giving those destined for landfill a new lease of life.

Our story

In the UK, 38 million items of new clothing are bought every week and 11 million go to landfill. We need to change this, and that change starts with you.

Love Not Landfill is a campaign changing how Londoners see clothes – the way we buy, care for and dispose of them. We have banks to drop off old clothes, and we run events to get the best from your old outfits.

Too many jumpers? A dress you never wear? We're here to help. We have placed textile banks all over London for you to ditch your unwanted clothes. Love Not Landfill gives them a new lease of life that isn't landfill.

Your clothes will get sorted. Every piece of fabric can be recycled, even your pants. The clothes you fill our banks with will get worn again by someone else, chopped up into cloths or stuffing, or even recycled into new fabric. Never put your clothes in the bin.

If you're not ready to throw your clothes into a dark, cold bank ready for sorting, you can bring them to one of our events. We run second hand pop-up shops, online pre-loved clothes swaps, style competitions and more.

We make it relevant to you, whether it's a vegan swap shop day where 382 or 661 items got a new home, or a Depop-sponsored pop up shop saving 150 items from landfill for Circular Economy Week. We give you a space to find next year's Christmas jumper or pass on your comfiest jeans that don't fit as well as they used to.

Our advice

Every bit of fabric can be recycled. Chuck your old pants in one of our banks – even underwear can be re-used.

Work together – there's something for everyone in your old wardrobe.
Someone's next prom dress or a sleek new tie is just waiting to get out of the bottom of your wardrobe where you stuffed it two years ago because you changed your style or the size wasn't right anymore. Don't even think about putting it in the bin!

We can make clothes recycling relevant for everyone. Events like our online clothes swaps with Nuw means people can search for items that suit their lifestyle. Banks around the city make it easy to get rid of embarrassing items like holey socks on the sly and your Insta post only has to show a photo of our beautiful textile bank so your mates know where to go with their worn-out bra or faded trunks.

We can fight the climate and environmental crisis with clothes. It is astounding to realise how many items of clothing end up in landfill, but literally all of it can be re-homed.

Our metrics

Clothes rescued from landfill, clothes re-homed and people who take part in our events.
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Modelling second-hand clothes.
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