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Powering local businesses in Kingmoor Enterprise Zone with a four-acre solar farm.

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Kingmoor Park's story

Kingmoor Park is an Enterprise Zone in Carlisle home to over 100 businesses. The 400-acre site has over 2 million square foot of industrial, office and warehouse space ranging from 500 square foot to 105,000 square foot, and 175 acres of development land. Kingmoor Park Properties Ltd wanted to reduce their reliance on non-renewable energy and ensure a consistent supply of energy as the site grows. Working with Solar Maintenance Services, an on-site tenant of Kingmoor Park, a solution was developed.

A 1MW solar array was installed across 4 acres of farmland in February 2020. The solar array supplies 877 kWh of electricity per year, which is the equivalent of up to 20% of Kingmoor Park's electricity needs.

A further 2.5MW of solar is planned which will provide around 3,000,000 kWh of electricity equivalent to 75% of Kingmoor's electricity needs. To further increase on-site consumption of the solar energy, an electric van has been purchased with further electric vehicles and charge points will be added in the near future.

Useful learnings from Kingmoor Park

We didn't find many examples of sites like ours that had done something similar to what we wanted to do. We were however lucky to work with a local, well established solar specialist who are based on site. They have a portfolio of 50MW of solar projects across the UK and an understanding of the Kingmoor site.

The data from the first phase of the solar development has been helpful in proving the success of the scheme and in shaping the development of the second phase of the project.

Kingmoor Park's metrics

Tonnes of CO2 saved per year.
Electricity generated per year.
Percentage of solar self sufficiency throughout the year.

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