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Ingram Valley Farm Safari is offering a sustainable and accessible connection to nature.

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Ingram Valley Safari Farm's story

During the pandemic, it was proven that reconnecting to nature is good for mental health and wellbeing. As part of the Planet Mark Zero Carbon Tour, we would like to share the story of how we, at Ingram Valley Farm, not only preserve the beauty of nature through sustainable farming practice but share it with others too.

Some time ago, we realised that for the farm business to be sustainable the farm needs to be as accessible as possible. We engaged with local company Footsteps Northumberland, award winners in delivering experiences in the outside world enjoying wildlife, history and nature lead by award-winning tour guide Patrick Norris.

Ingram Valley wanted to combine its commitment to sustainable farming with a farm safari experience that reconnected visitors with the natural world as well as learning about sustainable agriculture and local seasonal food. So the Ingram Valley Farm experience was born.

This unique National Park Experience was launched on BBC Radio Four this Summer, bringing the sound of the farm and this special land to life for listeners on the Farming Today programme about sustainable tourism.

The tours have provided us with some unique experiences. One of the best was taking a 93-year-old lady, a retired beef farmer, out on the tour. The safari enabled her to experience the fields, animals and views that she otherwise would not have had access to.

We work on healthy organic soil, tree planting and hedge planting along the safari route to help sequester carbon. Due to a recent carbon soil audit with Agrovista, we can now talk about how much carbon our organic soil is storing and sequestering and demonstrate what healthy soil and plant roots look like as part of the farm experience. We are one of the first UK upland farms in the North to measure the carbon in our soil through a gold standard audit (Source: Agronomist Chris Martin, AUK Head of Soil Health). We have recently been asked to run some outdoor team building events such as orienteering and tree planting with some top North East companies.

Useful learnings from Ingram Valley Safari Farm

Research the needs of your customers first. Our experience is always evolving to try and match the needs of the customer. Due to market demand, we have just started sustainable development days with companies too, working on team-building events in the great outdoors.

Make sure you have all the relevant insurance, health and safety, risk assessment, and covid safety measures in place.

Ingram Valley Safari Farm's metrics

Species counted in a wildlife area.
Carbon soil audits for carbon sequestration.

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