Incredible Farm

Food, farming and nature for everyone.

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Incredible Farm.

Our story

We started as part of a very vague project to "do something about food", growing food to share in public places, with or without permission.

Opportunities came our way to grow and farm, and over 12 or so years it has developed into a fully functional 15-acre farm with livestock, veg growing and teaching. We had a strong belief that we needed to share our vision for a more empowered nature-connected and food-connected lifestyle, to show that it could be accessible to all, not just those born on farms.

Sometimes progress seems very slow, but looking back we can see the scores of people we have inspired and empowered, and the route forwards towards making land-based career options available to many is becoming clearer by partnering with colleges and the climate challenge/green futures courses.

Our advice

Just do it, grow food anywhere, intend to give it away, be generous, recognise and accept opportunity.

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