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Ideal Heating is evolving its product portfolio to reduce the carbon emissions from domestic heating and hot water in our homes.

Our story

by Ideal Heating

Ideal Heating is one of the leading manufacturers of domestic gas boilers in the UK. As the drive to Net Zero will require the near total decarbonisation of British homes, including both existing and new homes Ideal are on a mission to create the technologies of the future.

With 85% of the nation's homes heated with a gas boiler, the move to low carbon heating and hot water requires not just new technology but a shift change in the industry to educate consumers and up-skill installers.

Ideal Heating have started on this journey with the launch of a low carbon air-source-heat-pump, the growth and development of heat pump training programmes for installers and increased communication and consumer education around low carbon technology in the form of blogs and bite size videos.

In tandem, Ideal are continuing their development of the gas boiler, an area in which they have been experts for over 100 years from thier site on National Avenue in Hull. Now the development focusses on smart controls to maximise energy efficiency and clean gas, in the form of hydrogen boilers with a recent announcement of successful trials with hydrogen.

As the heating industry moves towards a low carbon future Ideal, with its experience and expertise are perfectly positioned to support consumers and installers alike in this energy transition.

Our advice

We have found that the most important thing is to listen to our customers. Whether that's our installers, who are keen to access training or consumers, who need more information about the new technologies and timelines for change, it's really important that we stay close to our customers and help to make this transition as easy as possible for them.

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Success of trials with hydrogen boilers.
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Ideal Heating announce successful trials of a 100% hydrogen boiler.
Demonstrating the new low carbon Air Source Heat Pump to customers.
Heat pump installed by contractors trained by Ideal Heating.