Gwent Community Energy

Gwent Energy CIC is helping people in Monmouthshire to reduce their energy bills and switch to renewable energy.

Gwent Energy's story

Gwent Energy is a community interest company that helps individuals, communities and small businesses to benefit from renewable energy. The company helps local people to save money on energy bills, whilst also help reduce carbon emissions.

Formed in 2008, Gwent Energy initially helped local communities in Monmouthshire to fund, build and own community wind turbine projects. However, after getting more more enquiries for community owned solar installation projects, they moved into this space and have now installed more than 500 hundred solar PV systems for homes, communities.

Further to producing renewable energy, Gwent Community Energy has moved into electric vehicle (EV) charging. The company can provide and install private chargers for homes and businesses, and public chargers for the wider community. With the permission of the local council, they have installed vehicle charge points at places they hope will encourage more business and tourism, to benefit the local economy. This will help facilitate a big reduction in carbon from the transition to electric vehicles. Money made from the public chargers goes to supporting local community organisations: re-invested into new projects that benefit everyone.

Useful learnings from Gwent Energy

Make investing in sustainable energy projects appealing and accessible for everyday people. This is about putting money back into communities, making a difference to local organisations as well as potentially making a bit of profit as an investor.

Particularly with the ongoing cost of living crisis, renewables have the potential to really help people reduce their bills. Often people will focus on the upfront cost, but with detailed site surveys and assessments it’s possible to closely match energy needs to the correct system – ensuring that it will be cost-neutral within the shortest time possible.

Gwent Energy's metrics

Number of community solar PV systems installed.
Number of domestic solar PV systems installed.
Amount of electricity generated via installed systems per year.
Reduction in energy bills.
Number of community and private vehicle chargepoints installed.
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The Gwent Energy team at the Energy Efficiency Awards 2022.