Grow 73

Supporting pollinators through community gardening and education projects.

Grow 73's story

Grow 73 are increasing the biodiversity of the local area. They have created a bee line, which runs around the local community, and planted nectar rich plants to increase pollinators. By working with schools, churches and community centres, everyone has been able to give back to the the community.

Grow 73 is a charity aiming to help people of all ages and abilities to grow their own produce, learn how to lead more sustainable lives and support local biodiversity. We aim to advance education in relation to gardening, local food growing, healthy eating, composting, and matters relating to the environment, biodiversity and living more sustainably.

We host an annual Buzz Fest event, a festival built around celebrating our communities, bringing people together and raising awareness about the challenges our pollinator numbers face due to climate change, habitat loss and chemical use. This year (2023), supported by the CamGlen network, saw our biggest ever turn out with just over 900 people in attendance!

Useful learnings from Grow 73

Work together to create a sustainability strategy and build upon that within your community and organisation.

Grow 73's metrics

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