Go Climate Positive

Going climate positive by helping other businesses reduce their carbon footprints, within a growing B2B community committed to making sustainability “business as usual”.

Go Climate Positive’s story

"Go Climate Positive" was founded by business owner, Eoin McQuone, with the aim of taking an objective look at the climate impact of his business, doing the things that will reduce that impact the most, and telling his business customers about his commitment.

Positive change begins by calculating the carbon footprint of a business and then setting science-based targets to reduce it. As a last resort, residual emissions are offset to become carbon neutral. Participating businesses then “go climate positive” by helping others to reduce their footprint.

The Go Positive approach works because it helps to build a community of businesses committed to making sustainability “business as usual”. The aim is to place the tools for driving sustainable growth into the hands of every business leader and to multiply efforts many times over by engaging peers to increase positive impact.

This peer-to-peer philosophy is captured by the idea of “handprints”. According to Go Climate Positive, if our footprints are what we unavoidably take from the planet, our handprints are what we intentionally give back. A handprint is a business’ contribution that makes a positive change in the world; that helps improve the lives of others and reduces another business’ footprint.

Useful learnings from Go Climate Positive

Be brave and use mistakes as learning opportunities.
Collaborate widely to deliver the best outcome for all.
Keep agile and continually adapt.

Go Climate Positive metrics

Size of the community of businesses determined to make a difference on climate change.
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