Enertek International

Business • Kingston upon Hull

Leading research and investment into hydrogen-compatible appliances and affordable heat pumps via a testing facility.

  • A 100% hydrogen gas hob operating in NGN's hydrogen demonstration facility.
  • A 100% hydrogen gas fire under development at Enertek International.
  • The Heat Pump testing facility

Enertek International's story

Enertek International Ltd is an independent engineering consultancy specialising in gas, oil and electrical appliances, primarily in the heating industry.

Enertek's operations are playing a leading role in developing a viable path to net zero through the development of blended methane/hydrogen compatible appliances to reduce CO2 emissions, development of hydrogen-fuelled appliances to eliminate CO2 emissions and the testing and improvement of Heat Pumps to drive down costs.

Through the BEIS-funded Hy4Heat programme, Enertek led a number of consortia to secure 16 development bids to develop safe and secure hydrogen-fuelled appliances for residential and commercial properties. Appliances included fires, cookers, catering equipment, air heaters and radiators.

The Hyhome field trials financed by Northern Gas Networks, Cadent and BEIS were opened in July 2021. These houses are the UK's first with household gas appliances fuelled entirely by hydrogen and five of the seven installed appliances were developed by Enertek.

Enertek has also invested in creating an international standard heat pump test and accreditation facility in Hull with the aim of acquiring UKAS accreditation for the Heat Pump EN/BS Standards covered by the facility. Until recently Heat Pump testing had been a minor element of the business, however, the identification of Heat Pumps as one of the solutions to achieving decarbonisation of the heat network has injected a massive urgency into the industry to grasp the opportunities available.

Th facility includes a large climatic chamber with good quality insulation to block both heat and sound, bespoke air conditioning and humidity equipment together with control systems, chillers, heaters and humidity generators.

Useful learnings from Enertek International

Hydrogen-fuelled appliances will reduce greenhouse gas emissions only if the energy used in the separate process to produce hydrogen from water is renewable energy - a form of hydrogen known as 'green hydrogen'. Hydrogen that is produced using fossil fuels such as gas (alternatively known as 'blue hydrogen') is not a solution to reducing emissions. It is essential therefore to differentiate between the use of green hydrogen and blue hydrogen, if the purpose of switching from existing oil and gas appliances to hydrogen is reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Adaptation of appliances to operate on hydrogen required significant research, development and a steep learning curve but the process becomes easier as experience and knowledge base increases. For example, we are now able to model flame pictures using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which significantly reduces development time and more hydrogen components are becoming available as additional suppliers become involved.

Enertek has not yet found a gas appliance that cannot be adapted to hydrogen. Hydrogen-ready appliances are viable and achievable as costs of manufacturing are likely to be similar to the costs of 'natural gas' products if manufactured in the same volumes.

Enertek International's metrics

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