Energy Superhub Oxford

A blueprint demonstrating an integrated approach for other towns and cities to decarbonise their power supply, transport and heat.

10,000 t
Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

Est. number of people
who benefit directly

Our story

Energy Superhub Oxford is one of three demonstrator projects, part-funded by government, designed to showcase how innovative technologies can be combined to create smart, local energy systems.

The £40m project is being delivered by a consortium of six partners, including Oxford City Council, Pivot Power, part of EDF Renewables, Habitat Energy, Kensa Contracting, Invinity Energy Systems and the University of Oxford.

This public-private collaboration is combining new technologies and business models to develop an integrated approach to decarbonising power, transport and heat across the city.

The aim is to transform how people power their lives, from travelling to work to heating their homes, and help Oxford reach net zero by 2040, a full decade earlier than the UK’s 2050 deadline.

The project brings together a powerful network of hybrid battery energy storage, rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging, low-carbon heating, and smart energy management.

Our advice

Energy Superhub Oxford will create a blueprint for other towns and cities to cut carbon emissions and improve air quality.

The project's lead partner, Pivot Power, has plans for up to 40 similar sites across the UK.

Our metrics

Oxford City Council is committed to achieving a net zero carbon city by 2040 and Energy Superhub Oxford is critical to its plans. The project will deliver: a 50MW hybrid battery to enable more renewable energy and increase grid resiliency; an 8km electric vehicle charging network, powering up to 50 fast to ultra-rapid charge points at Redbridge Park & Ride; 100 ground source heat pumps.
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