Devas Youth Club Sustainability Project

CREW Energy is working with Devas Youth Club to help reduce carbon emissions, become more sustainable & provide education about climate change to the young users of the club.

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Our story

CREW Energy is taking direct, positive action to tackle climate change and fuel poverty and now you can be part of it.

CREW was formed in 2014 by a group of former Friends of the Earth members who wanted to create a more equitable, cleaner energy system and were frustrated by lack of leadership from government and large energy companies.

We have already installed energy efficiency measures in community buildings across Wandsworth, Merton and Islington – saving a combined annual total of 50 tonnes of CO2e – and have been providing advice to reduce fuel poverty in south-west London.

In December 2018, CREW was awarded £12,500 in funding by the GLA London Community Energy Fund (Phase 2) to work with Devas Club to develop a project that will install LEDs and a Building Management System (BMS) to help make the Devas Club building more energy efficient.

CREW Energy achieved a community energy first by installing LED lighting and a building management system during phase 1 of its transformation project at Devas Club in 2019. This will cut energy usage by 25%, amounting to a carbon saving of 11.72 tonnes per annum and a combined total of £3,400 on their energy bills. These savings can be reinvested in core service delivery to the Club members and other community groups.

Following this initial phase, from July 2020, CREW is implementing more LED lighting, secondary glazing and destratifiers. CREW was recently awarded £27,000 by the Wandsworth Local Fund to complete this work.

Now CREW has launched its very first community share offer to raise the money to install yet more energy efficiency measures, focusing on renewable heat.

Local Merton and Wandsworth residents will be able to see first-hand the positive benefits of this low-carbon tech, but anyone, from anywhere, can help make this happen.

Our advice

This project has only just launched, but is the third phase of our project with Devas Club.

So far, we have learnt the importance of taking a project beyond the initial tech; surplus funds from our projects directly fund our fuel poverty outreach programme, we hold eco action games workshops with the children who attend the club and are even hoping to train some of them to become energy assessors with us. All of this is a huge boost to our community and our climate.

Our metrics

We are currently implementing 3rd our intervention with Devas Club since 2018. We know the club well and are supporting them on their mission to reduce carbon emissions and boost climate education.

Our project is backed by CREW's years of successful funding bids & a number of successful case studies (both with Devas & in other locations across London), saving over 50 tonnes CO2e in a typical year!
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Devas youth group activities.
Devas youth group activities.
CREW Energy installed air source heat pumps at Devas Youth Club.