Congleton Hydro Project

Installing and operating a 65kW turbine on the River Dane to generate electricity for local use.

Congleton Hydro, DVCF (2020).

Our story

by Congleton Hydro

Congleton Hydro is one of the first community-based generation schemes within Cheshire East, the project will produce enough clean, green energy to power the equivalent of 60 homes. The scheme will utilise the waterpower from the River Dane by installing a 65kW turbine. This installation will include a 2.5m diameter, 8m long Archimedes screw which will drive the 75kW electrical generator. Once generated, the power will be transported through a 1000m cable to the Siemens factory, it is hoped that this project will provide the necessary vehicle for other environmentally conscious local companies and institutions to get involved.

The Dane Valley Community Energy (DVCE) is a not-for-profit organisation, consisting of professional, skilled and environmentally conscious volunteers. DVCE will install and operate the hydro-electric generation plant on the River Dane, at Havannah Weir. The weir, which has been in place for more than 250 years will now be used to generate energy from rainwater providing a renewable, greener form of energy generation. The project has successfully secured funding using a community shared ownership scheme organised by Share En-ergy.

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Our advice

A Rural Community Energy Fund government grant in 2020 supported the provision of evidence to approve the scheme.

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Our metrics

  • Amount of carbon-free electricity generated per year (275kWh).
  • Amount of projected surplus per year (£5,000).

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