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Third Sector • Bristol

Business West work with over 20,000 businesses around the UK, supporting them in their journey to achieve net-zero.

  • B Corp Stroud Brewery created a celebratory organic pale ale for BW.
  • BW celebrate their B-corp status.
  • The Business West team.

Business West's story

Business West (BW) has been on a carbon reduction journey for the last 10 years. They have achieved B-Corp status by embedding sustainability within their organisation, such as through their bee hives, electric vehicle charging points, single-use plastic reduction initiative, tree planting commitment and utilisation of 100% renewable electricity and support of the local economy. They are now looking to focus on cutting their carbon emissions via staff travel and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) heating.

BW work with over 20,000 businesses around the country, and their first 2023 quarterly economic survey demonstrated that lack of information, lack of control due to being in a rented property and competing priorities were key barriers preventing businesses from taking climate action. BW have focused on educating their businesses about climate change and sustainability. BW's 'Net Zero Business Advisor' Aisa Stewart supports businesses to achieve net zero carbon emissions. For businesses, BW delivers 'Aiming for Net Zero' workshops and provides one-to-one support to small-to-medium businesses. The workshop gives attendees an introduction to net zero and provides them with tools, tips and tricks to cut their emissions. BW also run 'Learn and Lunch' one-hour sessions for businesses on a changing topic relating to net zero, such as electric vehicles, B-corp accreditations, offsetting and greening your supply chain.

Useful learnings from Business West

Think that you are on a ladder. Start at the bottom and work your way up by listening to experts and gain knowledge to create a sustainable strategy.

Business West's metrics

Amount of carbon savings.

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Updated Feb, 2024

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