Avalon Community Energy

Provision of clean energy, reduction in carbon emissions & increased community benefit

Our story

Somerset County Council is committed to tackling climate change and is working towards a carbon neutral Somerset by 2030. But we can’t do it alone and we need everyone in Somerset to do their bit.

Avalon Community Energy, a community owned social enterprise provides clean energy with real community benefit. The three commercial scale solar installations provide clean energy to local schools and local businesses.

Avalon Community Energy arranges community share issues and grant funding to finance solar installations. These provide low-carbon energy at favourable prices and a reasonable return for our investors. We work collaboratively with the aim of increasing the supply and use of renewable energy in a resilient, smart and efficient energy system.

The revenues from the electricity generated are used to maintain the solar arrays, pay interest on investments and the surplus goes to a Community Benefit Fund. This is used to reduce the energy bills of people living in fuel poverty by helping with home insulation and other measures. Community partners who host the solar panels reduce their energy costs and overall more green energy is produced which reduces carbon emissions.

A renewable energy project in Glastonbury is currently being worked on, offering huge carbon savings to the community.

Our advice

Somerset County Council and the four District Councils are working together towards a climate resilient Somerset.

Since 2016 Avalon Community Energy has been providing affordable renewable energy to both schools and local businesses.

When it comes to tackling climate change, everyone needs to play their part, and making small, everyday changes like swapping their energy supplier to a green supply can make a big difference.

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School Rooftop Solar Array
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