A Moment Of Change

Supporting employers and staff in using active travel to access their place of work.

Sustrans' story

The document A Moment of Change was a reaction to Covid-19 global pandemic. However this is also a moment of change in terms of climate change.

Transport has seen no reduction in carbon emissions over the last 30 years. We need to see significant change in how and if people travel to their place of work.

This is one of the biggest challenges we face. The wholesale adoption and switch to electric cars is not a complete solution due to the embedded carbon in an electric car and also the lack of EV charging infrastructure.

We need to see a significant reduction in vehicles numbers and the number of trips being driven.

Useful learnings from Sustrans

The document gives a wide range of advice around engaging companies, finding funding, how to engage employees.

There are lots of examples and case studies in the document that show case what companies can do to encourage active travel to work.

The launch of Moment of Change comes as the Centre for Ageing Better and Sustrans released a new report.

It found that a lack of designated cycle and footpaths, personal safety concerns and declining health are key barriers to people in their 50s and 60s walking or cycling as a means of travel.

It concluded that people in mid and later life are less likely to walk and cycle than younger age groups.

The report calls on local authorities to further capitalise on the shift towards active travel generated by the pandemic and make changes to their areas that make it easier for people to walk and cycle.

Sustrans' metrics

Uptake of guidance provided in the A Moment Of Change document.
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