Carbon Copy has teamed up with The World Relay for the longest non-stop relay ever attempted, "Running Out Of Time". 7200km from Glasgow to COP27 in Egypt, in the name of climate action. Community leaders, school children and neighbours will pass the relay baton from hand to hand across 18 countries and show the world what we can achieve when we work together.

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Over 250,000 people will be participating. People who are unable to run a stage won’t miss out: we’re highlighting big-thinking local climate action along the route and all over the UK. It’s all about you, so put your community initiative on the map now so we can share your story like never before!
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Climate clock

This climate clock is a measuring stick by which we can evaluate progress and how much time we have left. We have the power to add time to the clock, but only if we act together with more urgency on the things that matter.

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Hear more about this extraordinary event and what we hope to achieve, from Danny Bent, cofounder of The World Relay. Danny is an award-winning author and journalist, Guinness World Record holder, and celebrated adventurer and community leader. Voted one of the 100 happiest people in the UK and one of the 50 most inspirational people in London; we hope you find this podcast uplifting and an inspiration!