Coming Up On The Carbon Copy Podcast

A photo of two women sitting in a room. One sits with her back to the camera facing the other, who sits on a stool in the middle of the room with a photographic studio light lighting her. The room looks like a residential kitchen/living room. The woman with her back to the camera looks like she is asking questions to the woman on the stool.

What to expect from the next few episodes of the Carbon Copy Podcast.

The Carbon Copy Podcast shares stories to move, motivate and inspire more big-thinking local climate action across the UK. We’ve covered a lot of ground with the first three episodes of the season. From the front line of the climate crisis on the Norfolk coast, to citizens across the UK fighting to protect nature, to dedicated businesses, community organisations and individuals in Sleaford tackling plastic waste. 

In this short trailer, we take a look at what is coming up over the next few weeks on the pod. 

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