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  • GwyrddNi


    Bringing people together in five areas of Gwynedd to discuss, share and act locally to tackle climate change.

    Circular Economy
  • Global Generation
    Greater London

    Global Generation

    Co-creating urban gardens in three London boroughs.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Hay Community Assemblies

    Hay Community Assemblies

    Running community assemblies to make better decisions that serve the needs of all.

    Buildings & Places
  • Stronger Roots

    Stronger Roots

    Turning urban growing spaces into gathering places for different communities to enjoy.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Magic Hat Café and Kitchen
    NE England

    Magic Hat Café and Kitchen

    Bringing people together to tackle the food waste problem in the North East.

    Food & Agriculture
  • FareShare South West
    SW England

    FareShare South West

    Connecting the dots between food poverty and waste from Gloucestershire to Cornwall.

    Food & Agriculture
  • London’s Community Kitchen
    Greater London

    London’s Community Kitchen

    Helping the most vulnerable communities in London access free and affordable food.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Wimbledon Rooftop Garden

    Wimbledon Rooftop Garden

    Engaging the community with growing to make eating out more local, affordable and lower carbon.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Surplus to Supper
    SE England

    Surplus to Supper

    Bridging the gap between food waste and food poverty locally.

    Food & Agriculture
  • GROW


    Delivering programmes in sustainable food growing and outdoor learning.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Sustainable Landscapes Humber Project
    Yorkshire and the Humber

    Sustainable Landscapes Humber Project

    Using ‘pop-up rainforests’ to fight climate change, boost soil quality and reduce flood risk.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Wolves Lane Centre

    Wolves Lane Centre

    Engaging communities with a thriving space for growing food, education and social enterprise.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Stroud Brewery Hop Club

    Stroud Brewery Hop Club

    Using community hoping growing to connect people to local food and drink production.

    Food & Agriculture
  • Gwyrddio Penarth Greening
    Vale of Glamorgan

    Gwyrddio Penarth Greening

    Building a sustainable community in Penarth by planning and supporting local environmental projects.

    Buildings & Places
  • Fat Fox Mushrooms

    Fat Fox Mushrooms

    Sharing our love for the fungi kingdom and educating people on fungi’s sustainable uses.

    Food & Agriculture
  • High Hirst Woodmeadow Project

    High Hirst Woodmeadow Project

    Boosting biodiversity, reducing flood risks and capturing carbon with the creation of a woodmeadow.