Zero Waste Nappy Library

Offering reusable nappies to parents to encourage zero-waste parenting, reducing landfill waste

Zero Waste Nappy Library's story

One of our projects with Zero Waste North West is a Nappy Library – we offer nappy kits, which include 30 reusable nappies, so parents can explore zero-waste parenting before committing to the upfront costs of cloth nappies. The main aim is to reduce waste to landfill, because, in the UK alone, there are three billion nappies a year going to landfill.

A great benefit of reducing carbon and promoting sustainability through the Nappy Library is that it incentivises parents and carers to use cloth, promotes circular economy jobs as there are lots of small women-led businesses that are making these cloth nappies, and create wider external jobs within the market, including laundering services.

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Useful learnings from Zero Waste Nappy Library

If you are starting your net-zero journey, my advice would be to network with other community organisations, charities and private businesses within your region, and find out what others are doing, because there might be an opportunity to join the dots and work together.

Zero Waste Nappy Library's metrics

Amount of waste diverted from landfill.
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