Wild For Wildlife

Informing our community so we can encourage more wildlife into our gardens.

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Front cover of our information booklet.
Our competition page.
Our 'Wild for Wildlife in Wedmore' plaque in a garden.

Our story

Transition Town Wellington were a big help with this project.

Green Wedmore were keen to develop the project for our village, giving everyone in the village the information they needed to improve wildlife in their gardens whilst injecting a friendly competitive element.

We also included top tips for reducing carbon via gardening like eliminating the use of peat compost which is a huge carbon emitter.

Our advice

This idea was taken from the nearby Transition Wellington group who were kind enough to share their idea and graphics. It is therefore easily replicable to any other community.

The trick will be keeping up awareness of the project on social media and ensuring info is distributed at local events – we had some early press via the BBC Somerset radio team which was useful. Basically, use any avenue open to a group to get the word out.

We are pleased with our plaques which are made out of scrap and old pallet wood at zero cost.

Our metrics

Numbers of people completing the competition.
Number of booklets downloaded and given out.
Number of top-scoring wildlife gardens.
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