Tree Musketeers

Community, Third Sector • Hackney

A project growing, planting and caring for trees with support from volunteers across the London Borough of Hackney.

Tree Musketeers’ story

Tree Musketeers is a Hackney-based charity, run entirely by volunteers, which focuses on planting native trees across the borough.

The team germinates, grows and cares for hundreds of trees at their Community Tree Nursery on Hackney Marshes. These trees are then planted out in green spaces across the borough, working with Hackney Council, to gain the relevant approvals. Once the trees are planted, more volunteers maintain and care for them, including watering during dry periods and mulching, guard maintenance and pruning.

Tree Musketeers also maintain a number of community orchards including in Spring Hill, Daubeney Fields and Millfields. Community orchards provide free seasonal fruit and are important areas for nature. Maintenance work at the orchards can include pruning to improve health and crop production, fixing/removal of tree guards and watering.

Alongside working directly with trees, the team organise and host a range of events, workshops and walks to drive engagement with nature and growing in the area. They also work with community-based groups, schools, through the NHS and with refugee and other organisations.

Additionally, the charity offers a memorial and sponsored tree planting service, as part of their yearly winter tree planting season.

Useful learnings from Tree Musketeers

Offering lots of different ways to get involved and lots of engagement activities through events helps to build more links with the community and brings more people on board.

Maintaining trees is just as important - if not more important - than planting them in the first place. Outside of the winter planting season there are still lots of jobs to do and volunteers are needed all year round.

Building a productive relationship with the local council is vital when working in public green spaces.

Tree Musketeers' metrics

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