SHRUB Zero Waste Hub

SHRUB Zero Waste Hub is an initiative from SHRUB Coop, a cooperative in Edinburgh working for a world without waste.

176,652 t
Est. annual reduction in carbon
emissions (tonnes CO2 eq)

SHRUB Zero Waste Coop

Our story

SHRUB is a zero-waste community co-operative in Edinburgh working for a world without waste and empowering people to live a low carbon life!

At the SHRUB Zero Waste Hub you can buy and swap second-hand clothes, books and other items. We run a Food Sharing Hub where you can come and help yourself to some rescued food and pay as you feel. There is also a cafe and regular events happening in the space.

Based at 22 Bread Street, SHRUB is also a community hub where like-minded people aim to build solutions to the challenges of climate change and wasteful consumption.

Find us at the Zero Waste Hub from 11am to 6pm Tuesday to Saturday and 11am to 4pm Sundays.

Our advice

We have found that the more community focused we are, the better connected we become as we have developed a strong network and multiple partnerships due to our reputation as member-led and community organisation.

Our metrics

In 2022, SHRUB has Saved:
27,300kg of food from going to waste, equivalent to 102,100kg CO2e;
and in our swapshop, we saved:
6,270kg of stuff from going to landfill, equivalent to 74,600kg CO2e.
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