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Stopping products that can be repurposed from ending up in landfill

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Scrap Antics' story

Scrap Antics are stopping products that can be repurposed from ending up in landfill. They work with local schools to build awareness around waste and giving them access to stationary supplies that would have once gone to landfill.

ScrapAntics is a community interest company founded by Sandy Greene and Siobhan Morison in 2016. Since then we have grown to become a team of currently 22 staff and volunteers. We have now diverted over 100 tonnes of waste from landfill and incinerator back into the community as resources for play and creative projects!

What is Loose Parts Play?
At ScrapAntics we are passionate about play and its enormous importance to effective life-skills learning and community cohesion. We use Loose Parts - recycled resources that can be played with, built and broken in a multitude of ways, include: tyres, wheels, wooden pallets, barrels, wooden blocks and planks and other unique objects!

Using these, participants are encouraged to be creative in their play, letting their imaginations run wild and turning neglected objects into valuable tools for learning and discovery. We have a warehouse with a huge array of resources that can be used both in and out of the classroom, suitable for all ages and abilities. We use these in our community play sessions, schools programme and family sessions.

ScrapAntics also have affordable artist studio spaces, home to a group of incredible artists working in a range of different media and disciplines. Rented on a monthly basis, these studios are next to the ScrapStore and include use of a communal space.

Useful learnings from Scrap Antics

Although it may be cheaper to throw away waste and send it to landfill, try and look at alternatives to repurpose products that can be recycled.

Scrap Antics' metrics

Community and engagement actions.

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Circular Economy

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Less Waste


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Updated Feb, 2024

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