Project Plan B

Transforming textile waste into a brand new circular model through closed-loop design and manufacturing.

Project Plan B’s story

Plymouth-based Project Plan B manufactures and recycles workwear garments. They offer a design-to-delivery full manufacturing service, with end-of-life recycling.

Garments are designed to be recycled and tailored specifically to client’s needs using technologically advanced recycled fabrics. The designs are then made by Project Plan B’s manufacturing partners, which are independently audited. Garments are then delivered to clients and distributed to the wearers.

When the garment comes to the end of its wearable life, it is returned to the provider and sent back to Project Plan B for recycling. Garments are identified by the “Infinitee” mark and QR code before being turned back into raw polyester using our recycling facility. The polyester can be knitted or woven into fabrics ready to be made into new garments. Nothing is wasted and 100% of the garment is returned to be used again and again.

Useful learnings from Project Plan B

Switching to natural fibres isn’t always the answer; currently natural fibres do not have the longevity, colour fastness or dimensional stability required for daily use in some tough, corporate workwear environments. For these tougher uses, a closed loop recycled polyester system where virgin polyester is no longer required can eliminate waste and reduce CO2 emissions by the textile industry.

Joining a “closed loop system” with end-of-life recycling, or setting up a similar closed loop design and manufacturing service, enables your business to play a part in positive change for the environment; help revolutionise the textile industry; and reduce your carbon footprint as part of corporate social responsibility.

Project Plan B’s metrics

Customer orders and reorders.
Volume of old garments recycled.
Carbon footprint reduction.
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