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Part of a network, PramDepot is an arts-led recycling organisation that passes on pre-loved baby clothes and equipment to vulnerable new mums and their babies in London.

  • Baby pack with recycling items in.
  • Donating items to PramDepot.
  • Donating items to PramDepot.

Our story

PramDepot is an arts-led recycling organisation. We pass on pre-loved baby clothes and equipment to vulnerable new mums and their babies across London. We support mums and babies through over twenty organisations, and are part of a network of Baby Banks across the UK.

We put together a box full of everything a new mum and baby need for the first three months of the baby's life. The Baby Box is delivered directly to their home and contains everything from baby clothes and blankets to breast pumps, sterilisers and toiletries for mum.

Much of the contents of the box is recycled. We ask for donations of items that our supporters would be happy to give to your best friend or put your own newborn baby in: wrap-style slings, unopened packs of nappies, unopened nappy cream, small toys and baby clothes, maternity clothes and feeding items.

Using second hand items means we reduce the amount of new items purchased, which are often made of plastic, or covered in packaging. We are also spreading awareness that it's good to share. By passing their pro-loved items on to us, supporters are helping vulnerable members of our community and lowering our collective impact on the environment.

We hand-pick high quality second hand items to create each Baby Box, helping the environment while we work to give each mum and baby the best start to baby's life.

Our advice

Helping the environment can, and should, be embedded in helping our communities. Helping each other by sharing pre-loved items and supporting each other can often help the planet at the same time.

It's important to work with what we CAN do. Not everything a baby needs can be pre-loved(!) but we make a really big difference by working with our supporters to create Baby Boxes in the most sustainable way we can.

Our metrics

The number of mums we are able to support and the number of items we're able to pass on to vulnerable mums directly and through our partner organisation Little Village.

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