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Reducing the CO2 footprint of furniture by redesigning products with circular principles in mind.

  • Orangebox's bestselling 'Do' chair
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Orangebox's story

Orangebox are trying to reduce the footprint of furniture by squeezing the most design value out of the least amount of physical stuff. They want to decarbonise their operations and engaged with a net zero approach.

Decarbonising our existing and future product portfolio is the single biggest CO2e savings impact Orangebox can make. We've reduced the CO2 footprint of our bestselling chair, Do, by 40%, which will add up in one year to twice as much CO2 reduction as the impact of gas and electricity usage at every one of Orangebox's showrooms, factories and warehouses.

Orangebox is a member of the steering committee of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Program (FISP) run by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA). We take our environmental responsibility seriously and have a zero to landfill policy, with all waste being sorted and diverted down the relevant recycling streams.

Orangebox's Eco Design Policy is our main weapon in our fight against waste, as designing out issues with end-of-life processing enables us to minimise the waste potential of our products. Our management reviews include a waste management hierarchy that highlights our aims and outlines the strategies we employ to combat waste right across the business, from office to manufacturing.

We have been ISO 14001-certified since 1998. We use the framework both to raise awareness of environmental issues and to drive improvements in our business.

Orangebox has worked hard to establish a responsible supply chain, bringing benefits including streamlined processes, reduced transport miles and reusable packaging while supporting local businesses and social enterprises.

We task our suppliers with advising Orangebox on environmentally responsible materials and on how to get the most out of them, and they proactively support our social and environment targets and aspirations through their own research and innovation. We monitor the environmental performance of all our suppliers each quarter.

Useful learnings from Orangebox

Go to events and share stories and challenges because there are so many people trying to achieve the same goals who can help you on your net zero journey.

Orangebox's metrics

Carbon savings.

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