Moby The Whale

Reducing waste within schools by creating a whale sculpture from reclaimed materials.

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Dundee City Council's story

In May 2021 we commissioned Scrapantics (a local charity dedicated to reuse), to create a whale sculpture from reclaimed materials with local schools. Four schools were selected to take part and around 200 pupils helped to create components for Moby the whale from waste products. Whilst doing so they learned about plastic in the ocean, climate change and ways to reduce waste. We have had feedback from parents and teachers that the kids absolutely loved taking part in this project and have been inspired to take action. We also produced a film of the process to share with and inspire others. Moby the whale is a beautiful 10ft sculpture.

He was unveiled at our COP26 Dundee launch event and attracted hundreds of people who then engaged in conversations about consumption and waste. Moby then spent the COP26 duration at Dundee Science Centre and will eventually be permanently installed at the Wellgate Shopping centre in Dundee, with information about how to reduce waste, and will serve as a reminder to reduce our consumption.

Useful learnings from Dundee City Council

Art and creativity is a great way to positively engage people.

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