Habbio have created the UK's most sustainable sofa, using 85% recycled materials and 5% waste within the production line.

Habbio's story

90% of furniture in the UK ends up in landfill because it doesn’t last, or isn’t recyclable or biodegradable. Habbio decided this couldn't continue. Habbio was born from an existing business, after deciding, as a business in 2020 to make the UK's most sustainable sofa. And they achieved their goal; all Habbio furniture is 100% recyclable because as a business they believe its their responsibility to make sure all their products do no harm to the planet.

Habbio aim for each piece to last as long as possible with every Habbio piece coming with a 15-year guarantee. Their sofas are designed to be flexible, so that in the future customers can easily add extra seats, new colours, new covers and easily disassemble and reassemble with no tools. Habbio also collect your Habbio (and even non-Habbio) furniture at the end of its life, to assess it for charity donation, re-purposing or recycling. At the moment, Habbio use 85% recycled materials, with 5% waste in the production cycle. However, they aim to achieve their target of using 100% recycled materials and creating no waste at all soon.

They also use 90% fewer chemicals than other manufacturers; choosing natural, non-toxic and biodegradable alternatives when they can. They highlight that there’s more formaldehyde (a toxic gas) in a tomato than there is in their furniture! Plus, all furniture is vegan-friendly, as no components or treatments have been used which are derived from animals, or in any way which harms animals.

Useful learnings from Habbio

This journey can be very daunting, but if you start now and change the small things, you can help save the planet.

Habbio's metrics

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90% of furniture sold in the UK ends up discarded because it doesn’t last.
Habbio's furniture is 100% recyclable and vegan-friendly.
The Habbio team.