GreenZone is a London-based cleaning business that has been reducing its carbon footprint and challenging industry expectations on sustainability since 2009.

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GreenZone's story

GreenZone is a cleaning and support service business based in London. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, preventing pollution, and continually improving our performance. It’s an issue that we have been focused on for a long time; we began our sustainability journey in 2009 – when few people were talking about green issues – and established our business in a way that challenged industry norms.

Our approach to carbon reduction and sustainability has evolved over time. We received Planet Mark certification in 2009 and each year we have challenged our business to make bigger and more impactful changes. From where we source our paper and our electricity suppliers to using planet-friendly cleaning products and switching our lighting to LEDs. Most recently, we have switched all our fossil fuel vehicles to electric models. This approach has seen us reduce our carbon footprint year on year and increase the social value we offer. In 2022, we received the gold standard recycling award, with an 89% recycling rate and a 0-to-lanfill policy.

It's important that we take our clients and suppliers with us on this journey. We engage strongly with new and existing clients and our supply chain on our approach to sustainability and challenge them to think differently about their approach. We are all in this together and can only make a meaningful impact if we work collaboratively.

Useful learnings from GreenZone

Don’t be afraid, just get started – You will make mistakes but it’s important to get started, even if that’s just measuring your carbon footprint.

Bring other people with you – Challenge businesses to go further, work with your clients to get them on a sustainability journey, and introduce Planet Mark to your clients for help and advice.

GreenZone's metrics

Measuring carbon emissions to achieve net-zero.
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