Green Lancaster

Reducing carbon emissions with Darren Axe from Green Lancaster captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Darren Axe from Green Lancaster - Zero Carbon Tour interview

Green Lancaster is a collaboration between Lancaster University and the students union, which is aiming to engage with the local community to develop practical solutions for the climate and ecological emergency.

The Eco Hub is a collaboration space were students and staff can get engaged in practical solutions for sustainable agriculture. It includes a 2000 sq metre space for growing organic crops, a flock of ex-battery hens and beehives, with produce also being sold at a market store.

Another scheme includes the 'Don't Ditch It' scheme, which upcycles household goods for the community and campus students. Elsewhere, other University projects include the 'Eco Woods' scheme, planting native woodlands across the University's landscape, creating a natural climate solution.

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Image: Unsplash stock image, Wajid Hussain

Our advice

Come together as a community and build upon each others expertise and experience to create a sustainability strategy.

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