Reducing carbon emissions with Adrian Curry from Encirc captured as part of the Zero Carbon Tour.

Our story

by Adrian Curry from Encirc - Zero Carbon Tour interview

We are looking to reduce our carbon emissions towards net zero with a focus on reducing energy and investing in improved technologies. Recently, we have trialled in one of our plants converting a furnace to run on biofuels, while also increasing the recycled content of our glass bottles to 100%.

For the full story, please watch the video! Discover more here: www.zerocarbontour.com.

Image: Unsplash stock image, Nicolas Horn

Our advice

Businesses have a key role in shaping the future. It is a business benefit to have a clear sustainability agenda as young people want to work for companies who are investing in, and have a clear strategy to address, environmental concerns. Innovation is necessary to accelerate the process to net zero targets.

Our metrics

Measuring emissions towards net zero.
Customer and employee satisfaction and engagement.
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