Crichton Carbon Centre

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who benefit directly

We restore peatlands & train the sector in best practice.
We connect our young people with the environment and its challenges.
We bring communities together with art & science to embrace their peatland.

Our story

CCC formed in 2007 and developed the first carbon management masters in partnership with Glasgow University at a time when carbon was not in everyday knowledge or use. We went on to deliver innovative carbon footprinting projects with schools and businesses throughout Dumfries and Galloway, until these concepts became more widely known.

CCC then moved into discussions on land-use, developing a working relationship with Nature Scot & Peatland ACTION and becoming experts in this field. We have influenced the formation of the Peatland Code, the development of peatland restoration techniques, and continue to be the provider of peatland restoration training for those working with Scottish peatlands.

At CCC, we focus on keeping carbon where it belongs; on inspiring action; on repairing nature. We have driven change at local and national levels, priding ourselves on strategic, creative, collaborative, and above all, necessary.

At present, we continue to work on peatland restoration and to influence the training and strategies within that sector. We also continue to provide high quality environmental education to our young people in the region via our Biosphere Explorers project, and connect people with their peatlands via science and art with Peatland Connections.

Over the years we have developed a broad network of collaborators in the scientific, educational and government communities and a track record of successful project management in sustainable development. No matter what our focus is, we are known to be experts in transitioning the UK to a low carbon society & continue to find new opportunities and ways of communicating this all important message.

At our heart, our projects combine scientific research and direct action to achieve real results in sustainability.

Our goals are to always engage talent, exchange knowledge, and spread good practice. We value ecosystems fairly, look for ways to balance people and the environment, and underpin ourselves with high quality research.

Our advice

Soil is perhaps not everyone's first thought for saving the planet, but in fact it's a huge carbon store, and it's great for biodiversity. Peat is particularly special as it locks in astounding amounts of carbon when soggy.

Working with partners like universities can be fantastic for providing research, monitoring and data to accurately assess the carbon, biodiversity and any other improvements we're making and we can use the learnings to improve our methods.

Our metrics

  • Hectares of peatland restored, or in the process of restoration.
  • Local or national policies influenced especially in regards to peatland restoration, natural capital valuation, and carbon sequestration.
  • Number of people engaged with their local peatlands.
  • Number of young people, schools, & teachers engaged within the Galloway Glens area of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere.
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