Crichton Carbon Centre

Crichton Carbon Centre combines scientific research and direct action to achieve real results in sustainability.

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who benefit directly

We connect our young people to nature and empower them to call for change.
We bring communities together with art & science to embrace their peatland.
We restore peatlands & train the sector in best practice.

Our story

At CCC, we focus on keeping carbon where it belongs; on inspiring action; on repairing nature. We have driven change at local and national levels, priding ourselves on strategic, creative, collaborative, and above all, necessary.

Latest updates:

At present, we continue to work on peatland restoration and to influence the training and strategies within that sector. We also continue to connect people with their peatlands via science and art with Peatland Connections, and are developing our next education projects to combat rising eco-anxiety in our young people.

We have produced several educational resources about climate change, biodiversity, and sustainability. Find them here (copy and paste):

Our advice

Our latest focus is on developing our new education strategy.

Climate change and the sustainable development goals are becoming embedded into the Scottish curriculum - but teachers still report low knowledge and confidence in bringing these topics into the classroom.

Doom and gloom teaching, and toxic positivity, can make apathy and eco-anxiety worse - so we must be clear on how to teach climate change at home and in the classroom.

Our metrics

We have a wide variety of projects and success looks different for each of them. So long as we are increasing the ecological resilience of Dumfries and Galloway - via restoration work, research, or education projects - we feel we are achieving success.
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