Climate Action Strathaven

Third Sector • South Lanarkshire

Taking community-led actions to build a more sustainable future for the people of Strathaven.

Climate Action Strathaven's story

Climate Action Strathaven started their own bike repair shop to address community concerns on access to transport. They have fixed nearly 500 bikes in the past 18 months, to encourage people to swap cars for a more eco friendly mode of transport.

Climate Action Strathaven is working with the community to bring them together and look at community ideas to improve climate action and sustainability. Through the Strathaven Food Bank and the community fridge, which they have recently secured funding for, there will be a reduction in food waste in the local town.

Climate Action Strathaven has got a couple of projects including; Retrofit Strathaven, where they are working to improve the fabric of local buildings and homes to increase energy efficiency.

Tom Barbour from Climate Action Strathaven speaking about the Retrofit project:

"What we're going to doing is making the fabric of buildings and houses as energy efficient as it can be. A lot of focus is on heating systems and heat pumps at the minute, but unless we make the buildings energy efficient then those types of heating systems may not be able to supply enough heat for the house. For example if you go for a retrofit system like EnerPHit you can save up to 80-90% of heating costs, whereas in a standard general retrofit you might only save 20-30% of the costs, so that's our main focus there."

Useful learnings from Climate Action Strathaven

Engage everyone within the community, to make changes for the better, that will have a positive impact on the planet.

Climate Action Strathaven's metrics

Number of bikes repaired.

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Updated Feb, 2024

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