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Chesterfield Repair Café was started in 2016 as a place for local residents repair household items to upskill and reduce landfill.

  • Repaired pencil case.

Chesterfield Repair Café's Story

Chesterfield Repair Café was started in 2016 as a place for people to get help with their household repairs and contribute towards a reduction of items going to landfill.

Since then it was grown and got involved with the wider repair movement and the crucial Right to Repair campaign.

It has been helped along the way from various grants and support from organisations such as the Restart Project.

All sorts of items are brought in, from toasters to toys to TVs to tents. Teas and coffees are available too making it a real café experience.

Useful Learnings from Chesterfield Repair Café

Talking to other people who are running their own Repair Cafes or working on a similar project is really useful to generate ideas and help work out the aims of the project. It was too easy at the start to run it as a service rather than an upskilling and community project. Once we changed the focus in that way it became something more interesting.

Chesterfield Repair Café's Metrics

Restart Project's Fixometer gives a measure of CO2 offset and contributes to worldwide dataset on repairing.
Number of visitors.

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Updated Feb, 2024

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