Big-Thinking Local Climate Action

Carbon Copy is a UK charity that helps drive more big-thinking local action to protect us from climate breakdown and to defend nature. The Carbon Copy network includes a unique collection of inspiring climate action stories told by a thousand local organisations from across the UK; area-specific information about the changing climate and Climate Action Plans; popular podcasts and blogs; and nationwide events that bring people together.

Our purpose

Carbon Copy seeks to speed up collective local climate action by encouraging more of us to take the lead where we live and to replicate ambitious initiatives that are working elsewhere. The good news is that most of the solutions already exist; what’s really needed is more people to join in and make a positive difference.

The charity was founded by people outside the traditional environmental movement, to connect with the wider and more diverse world. Ultimately, our aim is to shift the climate of opinion about tackling the climate emergency and transforming the way we do things currently – from someone else’s problem to something we can all benefit from right now, together where we live – creating greener, fairer and stronger communities.

How we can make change happen, together

Have a great mission. Incremental targets won’t limit the rate of global warming quickly enough. We need bold society-wide goals to address the climate and biodiversity crises. Goals that are motivating and highly ambitious, able to catalyse innovation and drive radical collaboration across public, private and third sectors. A good mission statement is brave and inspirational with wide societal relevance. It's targeted, measurable and time-bound. For example: Achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within your entire local authority area by 2030. It's do-able; it's motivating; it brings people together.

Let more people lead. To help us move faster and smarter, we need to ‘level up’ on leadership and involve more people in the decision-making process. From Westminster to local authority areas; from corporate HQs to their business units and other local businesses; from centralised institutions to local communities. In many places across the UK, ambitious area-wide Climate Action Plans provide this kind of framework, for different groups and organisations to work together and lead the charge.

Encourage multiple solutions. The climate and biodiversity crises are complex and are resistant to simple solutions. The ambition is therefore to stimulate as many ideas and routes to solutions as possible. Big change is not bound by a fixed number of projects. Innovation is always boosted by adopting multiple approaches. The power of proliferation is two-fold: success is quickly copied and adapted; when things fail, there are multiple backups in place.

Remember action inspires action. To move at speed, organisations of all sizes don’t just talk about what they want to do, they actually do it. Actions should not be limited by fear of failure but accelerated by learning from doing and by copying success. Plans are working documents, continually updated and improved as they are implemented. Such agility requires a high degree of openness across different organisations and a willingness to act decisively now rather than risk delay.

Our network

Publishing platform for project owners to share their high-impact, low-carbon initiatives online. Simple to use, free and non-commercial; helping projects to reach a wider audience and encouraging more people to join in. Publicised by breakthrough Carbon Copy media.

1000 climate action stories from across the UK, from energy to nature-based solutions; land-use to transport; circular economy to our built environment. Stories by amazing people of innovative projects making local areas and communities more resilient and prosperous.

Carbon Zero Explorer interactive map of the UK, updated with the latest Climate Action Plans from every local authority area in the country; with local greenhouse gas emissions, recorded by BEIS (central government department); and with ambitious climate action projects, led by people locally.

Climate blogs from guest commentators and Carbon Copy team members that talk about the ‘audacity of action’ to shape a better, sustainable future and widen the debate on climate action.

Nationwide events designed to bring different people and organisations together in the name of climate action, inspiring more of us to take new actions that drive change; sparking bold ideas and collaboration among forward-thinking leaders at all levels.