The Commitment

Encouraging members of the public to make a "Commitment" to vote only for politicians who work for urgent action on the climate and nature.

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Our story

Established in 2019 by William Eccles, The Commitment's vision is a world with a safer climate and recovering nature. Our mission is to speed up government action on the climate and biodiversity.

How? You make your Commitment to vote only for politicians who work for urgent action on the climate and nature and explain why you are doing this. We then take your Commitment, together with others from your area, to your MP and other local politicians. The goal is that politicians then take action for the planet; they really want your vote.

We also work to empower and inspire people to take more action for the planet, through sparking discussion and sharing resources.

We are impartial - The Commitment is not associated with any political party and we will not tell you how to vote.

Over 12,000 Commitments and counting...

Make your Commitment today through our website.

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Our advice

Whether we like it or not, government action is critical. Politicians have the power to make decisions at a local, national or international level, so it is really important that we engage, support and encourage them in doing more for the planet.

Politicians listen to the authentic views of people who are local, impassioned and elect them. Our role is to capture those views and use them to change government policy and action. Although there are many organisations focused on climate and biodiversity, The Commitment is the only one in the UK using this approach to accelerate government action.

Our metrics

We collect Commitments and take them to MPs and local politicians across the UK. We have collected over 12,000 Commitments so far and this number is continuing to grow.

We collate Commitments from a certain constituency or council area and take them to the elected representatives. Our political engagement is still new, with most of our meetings with over 35 politicians having taken place within the last year. Our trials and meetings with politicians have resulted in much positive feedback. We are continuing to develop this aspect, whilst focusing on collecting as many Commitments as possible, to enhance our impact.
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