Video Guidelines

A simple video about your project can make a big difference. More people discuss your initiative, share their insights with you, and promote the great work you are doing… you bring more people along with you, from your local council or community to organisations further afield. To help people make a connection quickly and get them interested in your initiative, please consider the following guidelines: 

Keep your video short.

The majority of videos produced (that are business-related rather than social) are less than 2 minutes long. (

Keep your video simple.

You can create a great video from your phone or camera! It doesn’t have to be professionally made. 

Show people.

It’s not about the technology, it’s about the people. Show some of the people behind your project or some of the people who benefit.

Tell your story, personally.

What is your initiative about? What was the need? Why did you do this? Which other organisations have helped? How many people benefit, and in what ways? 

Make it useful.

What could have been improved? What is your biggest learning? What has been the biggest unexpected benefit? What should people copy, or not copy?  The style of the video is up to you. It could take the form of interviews, a voiceover or on-screen title scripting.

The only requirement is that you tell people in your video what they should copy or not copy about your initiative. 

Please upload your video clip onto a video sharing website. We recommend Vimeo, because it offers great video editing features, is ad-free, and has more privacy options than YouTube. Then copy the link to your clip from the video sharing website you have chosen into your project write-up in Carbon Copy.