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What's your climate action story?

Are you working on an initiative that is reducing carbon emissions, protecting the environment or building stronger communities? Get the word out, with Carbon Copy, and you could help to inspire other groups, companies, and councils around the UK to follow your example – and speed up progress to carbon zero!

By publishing on Carbon Copy you will:

  • reach a broader audience
  • encourage more people to get involved
  • gain fresh insights and feedback
  • learn from other people’s experiences
  • make new connections

Publishing your project on Carbon Copy is free of charge. We showcase the projects you share, on our platform and through our media channels, helping more people discover the amazing work you’re doing. Once your initiative page is published, we’ll provide you with a Welcome Pack with even more ways to raise awareness through Carbon Copy.

You have editorial control over the project published on Carbon Copy and can edit the content or remove your initiative entirely, at any time.

How are you taking action?

Since there are so many different ways of taking local climate action, we define an ‘initiative’ very broadly as:

  • a project or a social enterprise
  • worked on collaboratively (and led by a group or an organisation)
  • in pilot stage or fully implemented
  • big or small
  • of limited duration or open-ended timeframe
  • something that is (or could be) transformative
  • place-based, with focus in the UK

We ask everyone to select a primary 'action area' when publishing their project. If you think your initiative is relevant to more than one – please select up to two more when submitting your project.

BIODIVERSITY & NATURE e.g. wildlife corridors, green/brown roofs and walls, urban landscaping, urban tree planting, water stewardship, grey water systems, sustainable drainage systems, restored and reimagined ecosystems and more...

BUILT ENVIRONMENT e.g. energy efficiency measures, cooling and ventilation, space heating, water heating, district heating system, sustainable design and construction, passive solar design, compact development, built environment more generally (e.g. street lights, parking) and more...

CIRCULAR ECONOMY e.g. renewable, recyclable or biodegradable inputs for production; recovering resources and materials from end-of-life products; extending product lifecycles by reusing, repairing and reselling; sharing platforms for collective usage; product-as-a-service models, and more...

ENERGY e.g. solar PV, wind power, wave power, biomass, geothermal heat and electricity, hydrogen power, energy storage systems, electricity micro-grids, community power generation, and more...

FINANCE e.g. green bonds, green-tagged loans, green investment funds, climate risk insurance, pension investments/divestments, financing renewable projects, developments in sustainable financing, incentives and more...

LAND USE, FOOD & AGRICULTURE e.g. improved public land use planning and regulation, green belt protection, reduced dependence on pesticides, more sustainable livestock farming, organic and no-till farming, urban agriculture/farming, local food production, afforestation, conservation, carbon sequestration and more…

TRANSPORT e.g. more options, better access and expanded infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists, mass transit infrastructure, ultra-low emission zones, electric vehicles, priority lanes, charging points and more...

We know that many projects focus on things like building community resilience, improving health or reducing poverty – and reducing carbon emissions or protecting the environment is a consequence. We would love to showcase these important projects too!

Our focus is on building more momentum behind collective local climate action and we would not publish content of the following kind:

  • Implemented by individuals or nationally
  • Cannot be copied
  • Main beneficiaries are not local
  • Promotes sales of specific commercial products or brands
  • Greenwashing e.g. by oil and gas companies
  • Creates secondary emissions or ecological harm e.g. imported biomass, blue hydrogen
  • Socially exclusive or divisive

We want to understand your story – why the initiative started, what challenges you have faced and what your stand-out achievements have been. We’ll also ask you to share your advice for other people looking to do something similar – as well as for information about how you measure your success.

Online publishing made simple

Simply complete the short, online form to share your initiative. When you are ready, submit it to us for approval.

The Carbon Copy team will check for any obvious errors, and we may get back to you if we feel your story needs a little more detail. We also make sure it complies with our Code of Conduct and that you're not using Carbon Copy to advertise or sell your services for profit. We aim to publish the initiative you share within 2-3 business days.

Please note that you must sign up to Carbon Copy before submitting your initiative. This enables us to maintain a moderated, safe space for everyone to participate. We are a charity: it is free to sign up and there are no hidden obligations.