Publishing Projects

Carbon Copy has created a “commons” that is open to all types of meaningful climate action and all kinds of organisations. One that is growing organically as people add, borrow and adapt great ideas. One where innovative projects and inspiring stories are encouraging more people to join in and do something similar.

Publishing your initiative

If you wish, you can publish your initiative directly on Carbon Copy. We showcase the projects you share, on our platform and through our media channels.

As a charity, Carbon Copy’s publishing service and media support is free of charge.

By sharing your initiative you can:

  • reach a broader audience;
  • bring more people along with you;
  • gain new insights from feedback;
  • learn from other people’s experiences; and
  • inspire others to do something similar.

You have editorial control over the project published on Carbon Copy and can edit the content or remove your initiative entirely, at any time.

Does your initiative qualify?

There are so many different ways of taking local climate action. We define an ‘initiative’ very broadly so that we can include many different examples of great work.

An initiative is defined as:

  • a project or a social enterprise;
  • worked on collaboratively (led by a group or organisation and not simply individual action);
  • in pilot stage or fully implemented (and not an idea on paper);
  • big or small;
  • of limited duration or open-ended timeframe;
  • something that is (or could be) transformative;
  • place-based, with focus in the UK.

Your initiative should relate to one (or more) of the following climate action areas:

All initiatives must help reduce carbon emissions but, in some cases, this may not be the primary reason or benefit. For example, there are many examples of projects that build community resilience or improve people's health or increase fairness, that also address the environment and climate crisis. We would like to showcase these projects too!

You cannot use Carbon Copy to advertise or sell your services or for greenwashing. Instead, it should be possible for people who are inspired by what you do to copy or adapt your low-carbon initiative where they live or work. 

Online publishing made simple

Simply complete the short, online form to share your initiative. When you are ready, submit it to us for approval. 

Unlike competitions or awards, Carbon Copy does not judge your initiative before publishing. The ‘best’ initiative is in the eye of the beholder – the decision is made by the person who is inspired by your work!

We check for any obvious errors and compliance with our Code of Conduct and aim to publish the initiative you share within 2-3 business days.

Please note that you must sign up to Carbon Copy before submitting your initiative. This enables us to maintain a moderated, safe space for everyone to participate. We are a charity: it is free to sign up and there are no hidden obligations.