Picture This:

Can you picture a carbon zero world?

You could be part of the UK's first virtual photography exhibition celebrating local climate action. Share your photos with us and show how your community is coming together and making a difference.

You don't need to be a professional photographer to enter - we just want to see images that tell the story of your project. Submit up to three photos, and show the world something unexpected and amazing about what you are doing to tackle the climate crisis.

A selection of the images will be showcased at a live launch event on 17 June, where your work will be introduced by our special guest host, Atul Kumar.

Tell the story of what your project is doing on the ground, right now.

Show how your initiative is bringing people together and building community.

What is the better future that you envision?

To accompany each image you share, you will be asked to add a title and a description, to give us the context to the photograph. Please read our Terms of Use before you submit your photographs.

FAQs and guidance

We will be accepting submissions from Monday 12 April - Monday 24 May.

Your submission

All participants must be directly involved with, either in a voluntary or professional capacity, a local collective initiative which helps to protect the environment, improve sustainability and fight the climate crisis. Any kind of group or organisation-led project is suitable, including but not limited to those run by community groups, councils, public sector organisations, charities, social enterprises or companies. Individual actions, for example choosing to live plastic-free, or building a bug-hotel in your garden (excellent ideas though they are!) are not what we are looking for.
No. Carbon Copy is a UK based charity and our focus is on sharing and celebrating local climate action happening in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept entries from outside the UK for this exhibition.
When submitting your photographs, you will be asked to select one of the following exhibition themes which best represents the type of project.
  • Renewable Energy
  • Biodiversity & Nature
  • Land Use, Food & Agriculture
  • Carbon Zero Transport
  • Circular Economy
  • Sustainable Buildings
Don’t worry! Pick whichever feels closest, but it doesn’t matter if there are several themes relevant to what you do. The themes just help us to ensure we are capturing a broad range of different initiatives.
Each entry can include up to three photographs, under each of the following categories: Snapshot Of Now, Connection On Camera, Focus On The Future. You will be asked to provide a short caption of up to six words for each photograph you upload, as well as a description, of up to 75 words, to help us to understand your story. Please don’t worry if writing is not your strong suit, we are not judging spelling and grammar! These pieces of text will just help us to fully appreciate your photography. You will also be asked to share some basic details about your project.
  1. Snapshot Of Now
This photograph should really sum up what your project is about. By looking at it, we should get an idea of where you are based, what action you are taking, what you are building / planting / restoring / repairing / replacing... perhaps how many people are involved and who these people are. You might also want to give a nod to any particular events that are relevant to you right now - perhaps the pandemic - or perhaps something more specific to your work, something that will have an impact on what you are doing. If that sounds like a lot to capture in one photograph - don’t worry! Remember you have 75 words to write a description in addition to your short photo caption, so you can give us a bit of context in writing too.
  1. Collaboration On Camera
In this image, we want to see how working together is integral to your initiative. Whether you are digging holes to plant trees, or raising money to install a wind turbine, this photograph should show the power of collective action! Please note: take care to follow current COVID-19 restrictions at all times if you are getting together, or simply be creative in how you show everyone’s contribution.
  1. Focus On The Future
This will be the photo that requires the most creative thinking as it’s all about your vision. We want you to show us the future you want to see - now. Perhaps your initiative is already making a big impact in your community, and your hope is that this will spread beyond your local area? Perhaps something you are working on is innovative or novel and your photo will introduce it to the world? Again, your 75 word description might help here - so think of the story you want to tell and find the best way you can to represent it.
Our submission form will only accept JPEG files. You may take photographs in portrait or landscape, however do note that if used in our private view event, images will likely be cropped to fit within a video aspect ratio. You may submit black and white or colour photographs, but please do not use any other filters or effects on your photographs.
The submission form asks for some basic details about you and your organisation, followed by space to upload each of the three photos, captions and descriptions. There are 17 questions in total. You can start your form, close it, and return later without losing your answers, the only rule is you have to be on the same browser and device (and not in Incognito or Private browsing mode). Your answers will be kept safely in their browser's local storage, for 15 days. We would, however, advise writing your captions and descriptions separately before beginning the form so it's easy just to copy and paste them into the correct boxes. This should make it quick to complete in one go!
Yes! Absolutely. Most smart phones these days can take extremely high-quality photos, so by all means use your phone. We would suggest holding your phone sideways to create a landscape image, as this will make it easier to crop the photographs for inclusion in our private view videos.
Yes. If you have taken photographs of more than one project, please feel free to submit these as separate entries.
Yes. If you have photographs already that meet the criteria and specifications of Picture This: you are free to submit these to us. Please make sure you own the rights to the photographs you submit and that anyone pictured is aware and you have permission from the subject (or a parent/guardian if they are under 18) to re-share the photographs with us.
No, you may submit photographs taken by different people, as long as they all relate to the same initiative, and they are happy for you to share on your behalf. Please note the person who submits the photographs to Picture This: will be our main contact, so if this is not the photographer, you will need to let us know on the submission form who to credit for your image(s).
Yes. If you have already published an initiative on Carbon Copy, you may submit the same photograph in the exhibition as part of your entry or choose to send us new photos.

Exhibition and private view event

Carbon Copy will open an online gallery, displaying a selection of the submitted photographs. The gallery will be divided into rooms which relate to the exhibition’s themes (i.e. energy, carbon zero transport etc.) People will be able to view the photographs with captions and descriptions, in the exhibition space, for four weeks from the date of the private view, before the gallery closes.
We will try to include as many photographs in our exhibition as possible. To give yourself the best chance of being featured, our top tip is be creative. If we receive lots of very similar photographs, we may need to be selective. By thinking outside the box - you are more likely to send us something we haven’t seen before - which in turn will mean we are more likely to display it.
Each organisation that participates in Picture This: has the opportunity to have their work featured in a special ticketed virtual private view event. The event will comprise a showcase of the strongest images from across the six themes, with our special guest presenter, Atul Kumar, giving an introduction and narrating the images based on your short descriptions. The Carbon Copy team will create a longlist of our preferred photographs, and the final selection will be made in conjunction with our presenter. Also during the event, representatives from our top six submissions will have the chance to chat about their photographs with Atul. This is a great opportunity to explain more about your initiative and the thinking behind your photographs.
Of course. We understand that participating in an event is not for everyone. If your photographs are selected, we will get in touch with you to ask if you would like to take part. If you would like someone else from your organisation to participate in your place, this is also possible.
The private view will be free to attend but it will require registration via Eventbrite. Participants will be sent the registration link ahead of the event being widely promoted, to ensure priority is given to those you wish to attend. A recording of the event (with unrestricted viewing) will be uploaded to YouTube and shared via our channels shortly after the event.
When the exhibition closes, Carbon Copy may wish to publish your project with the photographs you have shared on our website as a new initiative. We may contact you to ask for further details about the project and to give you full access to the web page we create so you can make changes whenever you wish.

Key dates

We launched submissions on Monday 12 April and they will close at midnight on Monday 24 May. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any photographs submitted after this time.
The private view event will be held on Thursday 17 June, 18:30 – 20:00.
Tickets for the private view will be available from Thursday 27 May, and registration will be on a first-come, first served basis. Those who have submitted photographs for the exhibition will be sent an early bird registration link on Tuesday 25 May to ensure priority access to the event.
The virtual exhibition will be available to view between Thursday 17 June – Friday 16 July.

For more information, please contact [email protected].