Meet The Team

Our Trustees

Heather Allen

Heather is a trustee of The Carbon Community and a non-executive director of Jamieson Wellness Inc. A career in health and household products has provided a depth of insight into both how challenging it can be to change behaviour, and into how tied we are to the current “way of doing things”. She was the executive vice-president for category development at Reckitt plc responsible for the global brand portfolio, including sustainability. She is a lifelong believer in the environment, and the importance of spending time outdoors.

Riccardo Casale

Ric is the author of Civic Revolution. A Citizen's Guide about the power of collective local action to address the biodiversity and climate crises. An entrepreneur who has successfully taken three technology ventures from concept to market, Ric’s career has included strategy consulting with LEK Consulting and brand marketing with Coca-Cola North America. He is enthusiastic about disruptive innovation for social and environmental good. Ric chairs the Carbon Copy Trustee Board.

Claudia Jaksch

Claudia is the CEO of not-for-profit think tank Policy Connect. As head of the sustainability team, she has also overseen the development and delivery of 13 substantial research publications and over 150 parliamentary discussion events that collectively engaged government, civil service, businesses, academia and the third sector. In addition to being a seasoned policy expert, Claudia has in-depth experience from strategy to operations, financial reporting and governance.

Andy Knott

Andy is the co-founder of Hedron, the pioneering change management consultancy. Andy has advised top UK companies on the human dimensions of designing and implementing radical change programmes to achieve lasting shifts in attitudes and behaviours. He is a former trustee of the Marine Society and Sea Cadets, and of the Fifth Trust for learning-disabled adults. Andy chairs the Carbon Copy Advisory Board.

Our Advisors

Zarina Ahmad Advocate for climate justice

Zarina has played a leading role in Scotland supporting 150 BAME projects to apply successfully to the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund and actively connecting community groups with the nation’s government addressing climate justice and race equality. She has recently embarked on a PhD focused on sustainable behaviours within migrant communities in the UK.

Sonya Bedford Partner, Spencer West

Sonya is a partner at renown legal firm Spencer West, sits on the board of five community energy groups, is a non-executive director of Regen and is also a Trustee of the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT). She is one of the founders of the innovative and ambitious Zero Carbon Wedmore group and was awarded an MBE for services to community energy.

Ian Thomson Professor of Accounting and Sustainability

Ian teaches and oversees projects that inform the development of sustainable policies and practice, from citizen accounting to carbon accountability, at Dundee University. His other roles include Chair of the international Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR) network.

Our Core Team

Isabelle Sparrow Chief Storyteller

Communications specialist who has worked across the charity sector (Raleigh International, Fauna & Flora International, BHF) and public sector. Isabelle brings a passion for storytelling and connecting audiences with purpose-led causes.

Yasmin Redfern Social Media

An accomplished digital content specialist who has worked on promoting long-term behaviour change across the environmental and food & beverage sectors, most recently with The Organic Trade Board and Veolia. Yasmin enjoys sparking conversations and is passionate about connecting communities, both online and offline.

Our Friends

We are particularly grateful to the following organisations for their ongoing support and advice:

Climate Action
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We are delighted to have been granted .eco for our Carbon Copy web address. It is a trusted symbol that helps identify those who are working towards a sustainable future and is backed by Conservation International, WWF and UN Global Compact.

Our Story

The idea of Carbon Copy grew from lots of conversations with different people and from research for Civic Revolution, a book about the power we all have to reinvent the place where we live and create a more sustainable future. You inspired us. We want to tell your stories about taking local climate action, each one individually brilliant, and help people learn faster from one another.

We set up Carbon Copy in 2020 - at the start of the 'decade of action' - as a non-political, non-profit organisation. There is plenty of room for politicians to show great leadership, but climate action is a much broader, collective endeavour. There is plenty of room to profit from the green economy too, but profit alone is not the motive for this great transformation.

The charity was founded by people outside the traditional environmental movement, to connect with the wider and more diverse world. Ultimately, our aim is to change the way we do things currently and shift the climate of opinion about tackling the climate crisis - from someone else's problem to an opportunity we can all benefit from right now, together where we live.