Meet the team

Our Team

Andy Knott

Founding Trustee

Co-founder of Hedron, a pioneering change management consultancy.  Andy has advised top UK companies on the human dimensions of designing and implementing radical change programmes, to achieve lasting shifts in attitudes and behaviours.

Heather Allen

Founding Trustee

Former Chief Marketing Officer of Reckitt Benckiser PLC. Heather has tremendous insights on changing behaviour, from supply chains to shopping routines to environmental impact. Currently spends her time on environment and wellness ventures.

Isabelle Sparrow

Communications Manager

Communications specialist who has worked across the charity sector (Raleigh International, Fauna & Flora International, BHF) and public sector. Isabelle brings a passion for storytelling and connecting audiences with purpose-led causes.

Riccardo Casale

Founding Trustee

An entrepreneur who has successfully taken three technology-related ventures from concept to market. Ric is enthusiastic about disruptive innovation for social and environmental good and is the author of "Civic Revolution. A Citizen's Guide".

Our Friends

We are particularly grateful to the following organisations for their ongoing support and advice:

Climate Action
University of Birmingham

We are delighted to have been granted .eco for our Carbon Copy web address. It is a trusted symbol that helps identify those who are working towards a sustainable future and is backed by Conservation International, WWF and U.N. Global Compact.

Our Story

The idea of Carbon Copy grew from lots of conversations with different people and from research for Civic Revolution, a book about the power we all have to reinvent the place where we live and create a more sustainable future. You inspired us. We want to tell your stories about taking local climate action, each one individually brilliant, and help people learn faster from one another.

We set up Carbon Copy as a non-political charity. There is plenty of room for politicians to show great leadership, but climate action is a much broader, collective endeavour. There is plenty of room to make a profit in a carbon-zero economy, but profit alone is not the motive for this great transformation. There is plenty of room for social and economic change, but not without climate justice.

Carbon Copy is just getting started, building on the momentum created by hundreds of local councils and community groups across the UK who have declared a climate emergency. Our aim is for you to share more practical insights on how things get done. For you to copy and adapt what’s working. It’s not a competition. We all need to change to reach net-zero carbon sooner.